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The Witcher season 3 never lets Yennefer be as smart as she should be

Netflix’s The Witcher has always taken liberties with the source material, changing things up as its creators saw fit to make their preferred version of the story for their adaptation. Bits and pieces of the short stories were altered in the first season, and a slightly new timeline was invented; a whole history was created

The Punisher Begins His War on Crime, and Other Essential Marvel Moments (1974-1976)

After finding their footing at the beginning of the Bronze Age, Marvel made some big moves to shake up the status quo of their universe midway through the ’70s. The X-Men franchise made a major comeback, establishing a new team that would rejuvenate the franchise into one of Marvel’s best sellers, Jack Kirby would return

Breath of the Wild is still a classic Zelda, even with its sequel out

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is a fantastic game, and after playing through its entirety, you might be tempted to say it invalidates The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Why play through the first iteration of this particular Hyrule when this new remixed version exists? You have many of the

The best advice we’re taking from movies this summer

They say art imitates life. At Polygon, we know the opposite can also be true — and in fact, we regularly take it a step further and use our favorite movies as guides for everyday living. Summer is a season with a lot of pressure. Gone are the days where kicking a ball outside or

Meet The Team Behind Hollow Knight’s Bewilderingly Ambitious Voice Mod

The world of Hollow Knight, Hallownest, is one that lingers in the mind. Its intricate map, intriguing lore, and desolate yet inviting corridors have earned it a place in the annals of great metroidvanias, alongside the planet Zebes and Dracula’s various castles. However, its chitinous inhabitants have chittered only in their bug languages for the

Pokemon Concierge Gets a Release Window on Netflix and a New Teaser

Pokemon Concierge, Netflix’s upcoming stop-motion series, has received a December 2023 release window and a new teaser starring Psyduck and Lampent. The teaser, which you can see below, also stars Haru, a young Pokemon concierge who works at the Pokemon resort the series takes place in. The clip doesn’t give us much, but it does

Panty and Stocking With Garterbelt Revival Gets First Teaser at Anime Expo

Anime Expo 2023 kicked off in full might on Saturday, with fans showing up to learn about the biggest upcoming anime projects. During Studio Trigger’s annual panel, attendees had a chance to not only watch the premiere episode of the studio’s latest project, but also learn about the return of two beloved properties. Without a

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